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Equi-librium offers adults and children education in horseback riding, horse training, and management.  The facility has two large outdoor arenas and is set in picturesque Stoddard, NH.  The facility is operated and horses owned by Dorothy Crosby,  who is certified as an instructor by both Centered Riding Inc. (CR) and the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA).  Dorothy is currently a Level II Centered Riding instructor working towards and in training for her Level III certification.  With CHA, Dorothy is certified Level III for both English and jumping instruction, as well as Level II in Western riding. A long time 4-H leader, Dorothy no longer hosts a 4-H Club, but is still availableas a screened volunteer to assist clubs as needed. She has  earned her 4-H New England Judges card.  Dorothy has over 45 years of equine experience with over 25 years teaching students.

Equi-librium welcomes riders of all levels, abilities and disciplines!  Our well educated, experienced, sweet tempered herd love to participate in camps, workshops, clinics and of course, lessons!

Visitors are Always Welcome! Come visit and talk with us and learn for yourself how Centered Riding can benefit you and your equine companion.

A Nibble of Centered RidingĀ®

Centered Riding utilizes classical principles to create a mutually cooperative and interdependent relationship between horse and rider. By facilitating the way human and equine anatomy work together to best compliment one another, Centered Riding cultivates effective communication, balance, and confidence while eliminating tension and fear. Moving forward, horse and rider are able to achieve positive, relaxed riding.

Tidbit of the Season

 This past season I regularly met people who just wanted to improve their communication and relationship with their horses. They sometimes own and ride their own horse, sometimes ride a friend's, sometimes lease or ride a lesson horse during lessons.  They are children exploring riding for the first time, women coming back to their favorite childhood pastime, adults following a dream they never had the opportunity to pursue. They are old, young, and somewhere in between.  They live in town, or nearby, travel here to visit family and friends, or live where I traveled to share some Centered Riding. They've been around horses their whole lives, never met a horse before, or know someone with a horse and want to see what all the fuss is about.  They usually love animals in general, and horses in particular, and often own dogs or other critters, too.   They desire to learn more, share the experience, do what's best for the horse. They are excited, serious, and learn more about themselves through this adventure. They have achievement goals and compete, or their only goal is to trail ride or just keep a horse.  Regardless, they are all committed, smitten, happy people just wanting to enjoy the horse and their ride, further developing the partnership that has become so important to them.  I am one of them and they have enhanced my horse experience just by allowing me into theirs!  I would be remiss if I did not also mention the dozens of amazing equine friends I have made this year. The encompass every color, breed, age, discipline, level of training, particular job, type of owner, frequency of being ridden, facial expression, markings, type of horsekeeping, length of mane, type of bit/bitless, philosophy of hoofcare, and background story imagineable ....I am one very blessed horsewoman!

For more information on Centered Riding visit the official site of Centered Riding

For more information on the Certified Horsemanship Association visit CHA's webpage.

"You [Dorothy Crosby] are a natural teacher and you set high standards for yourself and others! Well Done!" ~CHA clinic instructor