Equi-librium offers the following programs throughout the year!

Check the calendar for upcoming events or contact Dorothy to schedule a custom-made event or lesson.

“Dorothy is the perfect instructor.  She always teaches with caring, knowledge, and a passion for the horse and rider.  I have always appreciated her gentle, but firm approach.  Plus she understands that not all riders are the same and she teaches us with all the tools in her tool belt!”
~ Krista, adult student

                                                                    Open Centered Riding Clinics:

As a certified CR Clinician, Dorothy offers Open Centered Riding Clinics varying in length from 1-4 days.  These can be hosted by your farm and include both mounted and unmounted lessons and workshops. Explore Sally Swift's techniques for improving your "use of self" to achieve softness, enhance communication, and improve performance. Contact Dorothy for more information on how to organize and host a clinic to benefit horses and riders at your barn!


Increase communication between you and your horse both on the ground and in the saddle. Learn practical aspects of horse management and riding skills helpful to managing your own horse. Contact Dorothy to schedule a custom-made program that fits your needs.

Training topics for all programs can include:
For the Horse and Rider:
  Centered Riding mounted/unmounted exercises
  Horse and rider movement and balance
  Bit Communication
  Equine handling and training techniques
  Warm up/cool down practices/philosophy
  Fitness and conditioning
  Use of Aids
  Riding over fences
  Horse psychology/personalities
  Basic manners/Behavior issues
  In-hand training
  Lunging/ long lining/ground driving
  Comparable parts
  Lateral movements/suppleness
  Basic Centered Driving
  Other Topics by request.
Equine Management:
  Tack, equipment, and clothing fitting and care
  Grooming techniques
  First Aid and health care
  Safe barn and pasture management
  Leg wraps/bandaging
  Other topics by request.


Ladies Camp
Riding is the focus of clinics which are tailored to the specific needs of the horses and riders.  Instruction ranges from basic to more advanced material, and can be from a half day up to a full weekend, with both mounted and unmounted sessions. Students participate in unmounted workshops, a personalized group riding lesson and may observe other participant's lessons. Schedule a clinic for your group at our barn or yours. Clinics at Dorothy's barn include the main dish for a pot-luck lunch!

DistancePrice per Participant per Day
on the farm$75

Off Farmcontact Dorothy
                                                                Mileage is based on round-trip distance.
                                          Check with Dorothy for prices over 75 miles, full weekend or varied length
  • Auditors welcome. Price determined by host farm.

Equi-librium announces Rider Member discounts on workshops or clinics for adults or youth who
have a current rider membership with Centered Riding, Inc.

Ladies Camp


Student groups will enjoy a variety of riding activities and/or groundwork exercises in approximately 2 hour workshops. Interactive instructions on horse care and management are available.
Unmounted Centered Riding workshops include a variety of exercises to help participants get the most out of their equine experiences.
Workshops require a minimun number of participants due to distance and activities.

    DistancePrice Per Participant
At Our Barn$40$25
Off the Farm$50$35
  • Auditors welcome.
  • Preregistration at least 1 week before the event encouraged.
Ladies Camp

Adult Groups:

Why should the kids have all the fun?!? Adult programs include something for everyone: game days, ladies' camps and events, tailor-made workshops and lessons for you and your friends for an hour to an entire weekend. Schedule one now for a single weekend or make fun with horses a regular event throughout the year!

Ladies Horsemanship Camp weekend:
$175/weekend, $85 one day only, $25/evening session only

Other workshops, lessons, etc. priced by event.

Horse Fever for Kids:

At our barn all levels of young riders learn about general horse care and management in a fun, safetly conscious, and relaxed environment. Come and meet Toby, Julio, and Oliver and the rest of the herd to
explore different styles and disciplines of riding, learn basic and important horse care practices, and do it all first hand. Students enjoy working as a team with other young riders and assume responsibility for a horse. Together they will care for this magnificent creature and his belongings. They will have the chance to ride a variety of horses and see demos by more experienced riders and equine professionals. Participants gain  hands-on knowledge of different breeds, colors, tack, feeds, equipment, and simple first aid to name a few. Work as a team with equines and humans, but progress at your own rate. Discover some of the unique aspects of equine anatomy and temperament and how humans communicate and work with horses. Horse related games and crafts are often included. Create your own memories to bring home and enjoy hanging out with your new equine and human friends!
  • Register for one or more sessions!
  • Helmets required. Equi-librium has helmets for those without their own.
"Horse Fever for Kids is near and dear to my child's heart.  She has learned so much about horses and relationships by attending this camp, and is now so much more independent, full of confidence, self-esteem, and spirit.  It is the perfect mix of riding, crafts, education and having fun with kids of all ages and backgrounds"  ~Kim, parent

Horse Fever for Kids Presents:

Horsemanship camps: One week of advanced camp, where riders must be able to trot independently, and another of fun for everyone! Camp combines learning and fun in a friendly environment! Novice through advanced  students experience appropriate aspects of horse care and riding. Our summer week long day camp programs provide a variety of hands-on horse management and riding experiences for young riders of all ages.
  • 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday
  • Bring your own lunch.

"Advanced camp is awesome! During the course of the week, my riding improved greatly, and it was a blast!. I'm looking forward to next year! "  ~Leah, age 16

"I love learning everything about horses and this camp has taught me how to be a better rider, but also what it takes to care for horses and have fun!  I loved the new advanced camp offered last year!"   ~Molly, age 11

mini camp
Mini Camp: Come join us for 2 1/2 -3  hour sessions of camp for kids who want to ride. Most of our time will be spent riding and handling horses. Other horse care or knowledge activities will be included depending on weather and number of participants.

camp image
After School Program: Join Dorothy for an afternoon session of riding, horse care, games, and safety conscious fun. This is a great way to improve your overall  horsemanship knowledge and skillls.

    camp image
    Kid's Days: Spend your school vacations experiencing a day in the life of a horse! Kid's Days are structured similar to camps but are single events throughout the year.

    “Dorothy has a way with the kids that’s difficult to describe.  Every child feels comfortable and loved and my daughter comes home from camp each day feeling exhilarated, happy, and ready for more.  If you’re considering Dorothy’s horse riding camp, you and your child will not regret it.  This is one camp you do not want to miss!” ~Laura,  camper parent.

    “Camp is so much fun and I have learned so much. Dorothy does a great job teaching us techniques that help us be better riders. The whole day we do fun things like grooming, riding, and learning different parts about the horse. I love camp at Dorothy’s.”
    ~Deanna,  camper.

    Working Students:

    Each year a limited number of qualified students are asked to assist with chores, programs and events on the farm. In exchange these students receive instruction in those areas to further their knowledge and improve their skills as well as the opportunity to earn extra riding time after the work is done. Capable students are given supervised responsibility related to training or teaching in order to help them utilize their knowledge to help others.


    Individuals seeking to further their involvement in the equine industry are given the opportunity to job shadow and further develop their own practical skills in equine management and riding by assisting with the many different aspects of an equine lesson program.  Whether for career or pleasure, students can be involved in everything ranging from daily care of the horses to planning and marketing programs to assisting with programs and events, to taking on a personal project involving the routine or special needs, training, or refining of a particular horse or other personal project. We have only one intern at a time, and the person must have some prior horse experience.

    4H Student

    4-H and Pony Club

    Kids age 8-19 engage in hands-on learning activities, develop leadership skills, and become familiar with horses and their care in 4-H.  We no longer host a club, but for more information about the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension 4H program visit NH 4H .

    The US Pony Club also has a very educational program and levels of proficiency to work through at your own pace. There are several local clubs and they can be found online.  

    The Equestrian Scholarship Fund

    While Equi-librium believes that the benefits of working with horses are imnumerable and out weigh the costs, we recognize how costs can be a huge limitation.  We always seek to provide educational horsemanship to any fellow equine enthusiast.  The Equestrian Scholarship Fund was set up in 2007 and is run by participants. These monies are available for educational events only, not regular lessons.  Any assistance will be confidential and at the discretion of the event organizer. Anyone receiving funds is asked to help replenish the account in some way, ideas welcome! If you are interested in participating in the equestrian scholarship fund, please contact Dorothy. Thank you so much on behalf of those you will help.