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Equi-librium offers adults and children education in horseback riding, horse training, and management.  The facility has two large outdoor arenas and is set in picturesque Stoddard, NH.  The facility is operated and horses owned by Dorothy Crosby,  who is certified as an instructor by both Centered Riding Inc. (CR) and the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA).  Dorothy is currently a Level III Centered Riding Instructor and Clinician.  With CHA, Dorothy is certified Level III for both English and jumping instruction, as well as Level II in Western riding. A long time 4-H leader, Dorothy no longer hosts a 4-H Club, but is still availableas a screened volunteer to assist clubs as needed. She has  earned her 4-H New England Judges card.  Dorothy has over 50 years of equine experience with over 35 years teaching students.

Equi-librium welcomes riders of all levels, abilities and disciplines!  Our well educated, experienced, sweet tempered herd love to participate in camps, workshops, clinics and of course, lessons!

Visitors are Always Welcome! Come visit and talk with us and learn for yourself how Centered Riding can benefit you and your equine companion. We suggest you call ahead to be sure someone will be available to chat and show you around.

A Nibble of Centered RidingĀ®

Centered Riding utilizes classical principles to create a mutually cooperative and interdependent relationship between horse and rider. By facilitating the way human and equine anatomy work together to best compliment one another, Centered Riding cultivates effective communication, balance, and confidence while eliminating tension and fear. Moving forward, horse and rider are able to achieve positive, relaxed riding.

Tidbit of the Season

It is very exciting to be able to present at Equine Affaire in Springfield MA on Nov 11....we are looking forward to two interactive workshops, inviting the audience to participate in some unmounted exercises to help folks experience the 4 Basics of Centered Riding.  Sally Swift was truly a gifted woman and her goal of "helping horses" has continued to help horses of all types - and their riders - over and over again.  We will explore how the 4 Basics: Centering, Building Blocks, Soft Eyes, and Breathing, affect our riding and communication with our horses.  And we will also explore "following hands" and more!  So do join us if you are able!

Also, relatively new to our farm is the addition of Rachel Smith as a Centered Riding Instructor.  While Rachel has been with us for years and has learned CR from the beginning, she has taken the Instructor course and branched out to more than assisting with camps and groups; she now teaches students of her own!  So, do plan on exploring Centered Riding and meeting Rachel.

Whatever your horse plans for fall and winter, enjoy those furry creatures in whatever ways you are able.  Spend afternoons doing in-hand work, grooming, riding, or going for walks together.  Take advantage of some time to teach them something new or polish up old skills.  Clean tack and enjoy the smell of clean leather!  Visit with horsey friends and share stories over tea or a glass of wine.  Get some exercise yourself to be in shape for any riding, or in anticipation of spring.  Read some horse books. Clean the barn, organizing those things that are always left undone so there's time for a ride.  Feed extra carrots, give a good rub down or massage, don't forget to check under those blankets periodically, and scratch a happy face or shoulder!
And don't forget to plan some horse-related activities to look forward to!  Book an unmounted workshop to keep those tools sharp. Plan a clinic or lesson day for when the weather changes. Pick some activities to sign up for.  Perhaps set some goals and make a plan for how to get there!
Happy Holidays to you and your families!

For more information on Centered Riding visit the official site of Centered Riding

For more information on the Certified Horsemanship Association visit CHA's webpage.

"You [Dorothy Crosby] are a natural teacher and you set high standards for yourself and others! Well Done!" ~CHA clinic instructor