About Dorothy Crosby

"I've been taking lessons with Dorothy for more than 6 years on my older Arabian mare and a young Canadian mare. Dorothy has so many ways of describing the same manuveur that if I don't understand one way she will describe the manuveur another way. She is extremely patient and always encouraging. Lessons are fun (singing jingle bells in July for rhythm), always productive, and professional. Dorothy and Centered Riding have been so helpful with not only my riding but with driving my young mare."
~Beth, adult student

Her Philosophy:

Dorothy is a certified Level lll Instructor/Clinician with Centered Riding, Inc. and as both an English and Western Instructor with the Certified Horsemanship Association, as well as formerly being a qualified New England 4-H Judge. She has more than 50 years of equine experience. She especially enjoys helping others discover their strengths, and those of their horses, so that horse and rider become the best they can be. For Dorothy, horses are the epitome of strength, grace and beauty. She loves what happens when humans and equines connect and form a partnership. Her experience and riding background give her the skills to provide a setting where students can feel safe and have fun while learning more about the connection between horse and rider.
Dorothy has worked with horses in a variety of situations and settings for most of her life. Centered Riding has enabled Dorothy to help riders of all levels and disciplines create a more balanced and natural relationship with their horses.  

Her Experiences:

Dorothy’s fascination with horses began at a very young age and is as still as strong as ever! Beginning formal lessons at age 9, she rode in the military style program at the well-known Watchung Stables in Summit, New Jersey. Over the years she progressed through the ranks as a “D” beginner, “C”, “B”, “BB2”, “BB1”, and “A”, passing written exams, becoming a Jr. Instructor, and then meeting the blue ribbon requirement that entitled her to the highest “AA” status. There she participated in the Watchung Jr. Hunt Club, rode for various instructors, assisted more instructors and grew up as one of the “Barn Rats” who worked hours and hours just for some riding time! 

 During her Senior year in High School, Dorothy was the pilot for a new work-study program and worked 3 days/week for a vet, attending school the other two days. This prepared her for a full time job as a Vet Tech as well as sending her off to college with a pre-vet program in mind. Away at school, she changed her major, but continued her riding, becoming co-captain of the Drew Equestrian Team and competing interscholastically during her years there. She interned in a therapeutic riding program, returned to her Vet Tech position over the summers, and continued to pursue her love of horses –both then and now- by riding, studying, observing, assisting: a variety of jobs, personal instruction, and/or attendance at events such as foxhunts, national competitions, horse health courses, grooming for riders, visiting the track, managing farms and lesson programs, assisting with racehorses, a breeding program, horse shows, and Pony Club rallies …anything to increase her experience and knowledge and put her close to a horse.

After a few years “off” to raise young children, the opportunity arose to work with a farm neighbor’s children and horse and the quest began again, this time including her own daughters who shared her love for this awesome creature. Dorothy entered the 4-H world as a volunteer and taught a horsemanship course for a summer enrichment program while working as an instructor. She was introduced to Centered Riding in an Open Clinic and took the Instructor’s course several years later in 2003. She likes to describe the experience as “revolutionary” to her teaching and riding…since then Centered Riding has enabled her to pursue her passion for horses with even greater enthusiasm and fascination, loving the progress, changes and results both human and equine students experience.  

Dorothy has enjoyed the privilege of assisting at clinics with
Lucile Bump, Joan "Sam" Morrison, and Susan Harris.

She has participated in workshops, lessons, or clinics with:
Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu,

Suzanne Mente, Denny Emerson,

Karen Irland, Dale Myler

Deb Moynihan, Kimberly Carlton, 

Pat Parelli, Peggy Brown,

Mitzi Summers, Heidi Potter,
Cindy Faherty Napravnik, Jane Savoie,

Robin Brueckman, Sue Leffler, 

Sally Haney, Debbie McDonald, and Elizabeth Kenny. 

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