"I believe Dorothy is an experienced and educated instructor who can teach Centered Riding® well in the context of a clinic, as well as in regular riding and groundwork lessons. She presents herself as a professional who is dedicated to learning and teaching... "
~Susan Harris, international author and clinican.


Enjoy a personal and focused atmosphere either on your own horse or one of the experienced lesson horses at home or at Southmowing Stables. This is an individualized program with instruction in private, semi-private, or group lesson format. Students will learn the entire riding process, from catching their horse through grooming, tacking up, riding, untacking, and ultimately turning him out again.  As students become more independent, they are welcome to come early and do more of this routine on their own; supervision and help are available if needed, and ultimately the goal is self-sufficient independence.

Unmounted lessons are offered, but not required, for any student desiring to improve horse management knowledge or skills in appropriate topics of their interest and skill level. They may also include Centered Riding or other unmounted exercises to experience body awareness or fitness without the behavior and personality of the horse. Often these are taken advantage of when optimal riding conditions are not present; we plan to ride whenever the temperatures and conditions are safe, unless there is a special request. There may be a short unmounted component to all lessons periodically so that students learn and improve their equine handling skills. 

A half or quarter lease option is available for some qualified students.  Contact Dorothy for lease details at either farm.

Price List

45 minute riding lessons available at all farms: see Dorothy for pricing

ASTM/SEI approved protective head gear required when mounted.  Closed toe shoes or boots with a small heel (no sneakers or sandals please!) and long pants required for riding.  Need a helmet? See Dorothy.

1/2 Hour Lessons are not available for first-time students.
 A new rider’s first lesssons are $5 more until the rider is self-suffcient and approved for early arrival and independent grooming.

The first lesson includes an additional 20-30 minutes of introductory hands-on learning.
Lessons involving the need for an assistant will be billed to cover the cost of the assistant(s) (for example, two or more beginners wishing to ride together).   

Distance may require a minimum number of riders/participants or lessons. Distances over 100 miles roundtrip or over an hour driving time may require travel expenses.

Semi-Private lessons consist of 2 riders.
Group lessons are 3 or more riders.

Discounts  are offered to Rider Members of Centered Riding, Inc. participating in clinics.
Youth Discounts are available to Pony Club and 4-H members riding in clinics.