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Equi-librium with Dorothy Crosby

Horseback Riding Lessons

What people are saying about Equi-librium

"Dorothy is an excellent instructor.  Her energetic yet simple way of teaching makes lessons enjoyable and understandable for all ages. She strives for excellence in her student but patiently takes it one step at a time...she knows when her student is ready to take on that next step, even if the student doesn't. She has incredible perception and understands my fears. With her confidence as an instructor, she has developed in me a sense of confidence as a rider which in turn pushes me to also desire excellence....I have also learned to be a discerning rider and observer....Dorothy is an affable instructor.  She listens to me while I explain my challenges. She understands my weaknesses, can identify them, address them,  and then instructs me to correction and improvement....Dorothy is characterized by an unbelievable amount of optimism and encouragement....I've never known her to give up on a problem easily or without trying numerous exercises.  If she can't find something in her mental library, she'll pull an idea from a clinic or book....she has taught me alot about patience and the importance of practice."       ~Andria, adult student

"Dorothy has a clear understanding of  the Centered Riding philosophy and principles, which she demonstrates in her use of self as she rides and teaches. She has a friendly and positive manner in her instruction which connects with each student well...her teaching is very clear and she chooses appropriate exercises and  for each individual rider, helping them understand the desired results and to ride successfully.  She definitely enjoys teaching, demonstrated by her happy, positive, up-beat approach....is confident, solid yet soft as she works with different horses....her handling demonstrates a good understanding of horses and how to work around them safely."
~Sam, Level IV Centered Riding Instructor/Clinician

"Dorothy Crosby held a two day clinic....for our staff, instructors, and volunteers as well as outside participants. Dorothy's approach to teaching Centered Riding techniques is calm, professional, and accommodating. She is able to explain a technique from many angles....is easy to talk to...many "ah-ha" moments were achieved... and now her techniques and wording are actively used in our lessons, both able and therapeutic."  
~Marika, Barn Manager/Instructor

"Dorothy is a veritable fountain of analogy and always has a new way of approaching a problem if I so eloquently yell out “I don't get it.” Dorothy is also one of the few instructors who can avoid my pet peeve of not commenting on a ride. Nothing troubles me more than paying for a group lesson or clinic and then disappearing into the wood work and not getting a comment for ages. Dorothy gives enough time to process yet not so much time that I start wondering if I'm still being taught."   ~Tracy, adult student

"Our members range in age from 6-16 and Dorothy's experience, patience, and knowledge have allowed her to educate all levels....both her mounted program and her groundwork keep our members' attention...both riders and their mounts have benefitted from Dorothy's knowledge of Centered Riding. "  ~Kim, Pony Club leader

"Dorothy's knowledge was evident in her ability to tap into anatomy and physiology of both the horse and rider in a way that was memorable and clear. My background in anatomy was really clicking with the discoveries we were making in our group lessons.....and we hadn't even gotten on the horses yet! Many of the discoveries made in our first group lesson applied to all of the ladies present - and we were a diverse group with endurance riders, reiners, and hunt seat riders. No one was left out of the discovery-making process, no matter what age, discipline, or experience level. Dorothy included enough information to include all, but allowed individuals to make whatever discoveries our learning style and personal drive allowed us to do."  ~Tracy, adult student

"I had a lesson on Toby with Dorothy today. Wowsers! I have a lot to work on. But I LOVED taking a lesson with Dorothy, she's so helpful! I wish that I could take regular lessons with her. I think I'd do really well with that."
~4-H member

“…My horse taught me I didn’t know how to ride…Dorothy teaches me I can.”  ~ Deb, adult student

"Dorothy is an excellent instructor...the children have a good time, learn a lot, and safety is paramount in her lessons. [My daughter] remembers things that Dorothy has taught from last year. As a former student of Lucile Bump and lucky enough to have ridden with Sally Swift, I can see that Dorothy has a thorough knowledge of Centered Riding® concepts and a good way of explaining Centered Riding so that the children will understand and use it.  I highly recommend Dorothy as an instructor and clinician." ~ Amy, clinic mom

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dorothy Crosby for over 5 years . During these years as my mentor, she has taught me a variety of riding and groundwork exercises with Centered Riding techniques that has taught me to communicate with my horse.... She gives me the confidence needed to make my riding fun. She allows the horse and rider to discover their strengths." ~Lynn, adult student

"She is fantastic! She reaches each child. They were all different level riders and dispositions. I learned new things and I wasn't watching all the time. Very impressed and pleased to have her here [at my barn]. Wish I were having a lesson!" ~Cynthia, Farm Owner, Hosted Clinic

“Dorothy’s passion for helping people and horses improve their relationships emanates through her training.  Through Centered Riding, she illuminates how to be a comfortable, communicative, and confident team. Horse and rider safety is her number one concern.” ~Sonja, intern

“…Dorothy always makes riding fun. She knows when I’m ready for a challenge and gives me the confidence to take on the challenge.”  ~ Lisa, adult student

"I loved to trail ride and stopping to have lunch and picking berries. I really liked working with the horses and playing games with them. It was great to meet new friends and see old friends from other camps." ~ Ethan, student

" I really love being with the horses, Toby is my favorite" ~Nick, student

" The projects that the kids did during the week was wonderful. What a great learning experience tied into lots of fun!" ~Dottie, mother

"It's fun because I get to see the horses that I like to ride. I like coming to Dorothy's because I am happy with what I am doing with her and she is funny." ~Rachel, student age 8

After a weekend of Soft Riders/Soft Horses: "The next clinic needs to be a week!" ~Carol, clinic participant

"I have not been able to achieve some of this...Centered Riding makes so much sense and you explain it so I understand and do not feel stupid!" ~adult student

"Thank you for addressing this (skill); no one else has explained it to me!" ~ Julie, teen student