Meet our family of HORSES

Noble Victory (aka Toby)

Is a 15.2 hand Thoroughbred with a very easy-going attitude. His patience, training, and athletic ability make a great combination;  he is able to adjust well to any level of rider, but loves a good workout requiring some skill and precision.  Currently Toby is the main lesson horse at the Stoddard location


15.1, is possibly a Cleveland Bay, but is more likely a Percheron/Morgan cross; his quiet manner hides much more ability than he would like you to believe! He gains confidence from his rider, and then is willing to do just about anything. His calm way of moving reveals an amazing trot and kids love to ride him double bareback. Julio has gone to semi-retire in a program for kids, assisting with communication and other life skills.


Is a 15.2 hand Thoroughbred gelding who belongs to Dorothy's daughter Erin.  He had a long racing career and is now enjoying his new job as a pleasure horse.  He still loves a good gallop once in a while, and is learning how to use his body in new ways.  He is a funny boy with a great personality.

Just the Right Amount of Jazz (aka Jazz)

Is a 16.3 hand Thoroughbred that is not a lesson horse, but still a great friend to those who frequent the farm! A perfectionist with high expectations for himself and his rider, he also loves trail rides, jumping, and eventing in particular, and is currently working to improve his dressage skills .  Jazz has  a great sense of humor and a good work ethic.


 Is a 16 hand registered Clydesdale who thinks he is a giant Teddy Bear. Enjoyed for his smooth and rocking-chair gaits, his solid way of moving is great for learning rhythm and the feel of something big in a small package. Oliver is enjoying a much-needed break from lessons and now has a forever home with his favorite person. 

Mr Sharkey

Mr. Sharkey is no longer with us, and is greatly missed by adults and children.  He will always be remembered for his love for teaching kids! 


Kramer is remembered for his patience and being the steady lesson pony who taught so much to so many students. 

Cents of Humor (aka Humor)

Humor will be remembered and loved for his fun personality, willing attitude and great outlook on life.